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Alarms & Alerts

What do I do if I receive the Insulin flow blocked Check BG. Consider testing ketones. Check reservoir and infusion set alert on my pump?


The pump has detected that the basal or bolus insulin flow was blocked.

Next steps:

Check BG and ketones.

Administer an insulin injection if necessary.

  • Remove the infusion set and reservoir.
  • Select Rewind to start the process with a new infusion set and reservoir.

If the alarm occurs during a bolus delivery:

  • Check the Daily History screen for the amount of bolus already delivered before the pump alarmed.
  • Consider delivering remaining bolus, if the bolus insulin was not included in an insulin injection.



Do not use the SmartGuardTM feature for a period of time, determined by a healthcare professional, after giving a manual injection of insulin by syringe or pen. Manual injections are not accounted for with the SmartGuardTM feature. Therefore, the SmartGuardTM feature could deliver too much insulin. Too much insulin may cause hypoglycaemia. Consult a healthcare professional for how long to wait after a manual injection of insulin before resuming the SmartGuardTM feature.

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