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We're committed to supporting you with personalised training, dedicated specialists you can talk to and 24/7 online resources.

Our goal? Providing services and solutions to help guide, inform and empower you in your diabetes journey and get the most from your Medtronic Diabetes device.

Whatever you’re facing, we’re always by your side. Our work doesn't end at providing insulin pumps or CGM devices. We're here to help you on your journey through diabetes therapy and beyond. With 24/7 online resources and an easily accessible team of specialists, we want to empower you with more confidence and comfort in the management of your diabetes. Register with us and you'll be able to access exclusive and personalised services like StartRightSM, an onboarding programme offering tailored support when you've just started your therapy, as well as a wide range of both on and offline support services. Know that you’re not alone. Know WeCare.


Onboarding program StartRight℠

An onboarding program for those starting a new Medtronic device.

The first step on a new journey can be intimidating; we will accompany you on your first steps and get you on the right path. And we’ll be there for every ‘first’ thereafter.

Exclusive to Medtronic device users and their carers, StartRight℠ is an onboarding programme designed to help you as you begin your journey with your new Medtronic device. Our StartRight℠ specialists are here to make sure your therapy transition is smooth and that you feel prepared to live your life how you want. With StartRight℠ you can expect regular calls and emails from our specialists in the first 3 months of your new therapy, all tailored to you.


Management Software CareLink™

Personalised diabetes insights to empower your therapy decisions. Access a range of reports to gain vital insight into your diabetes therapy.

CareLink™ Personal Software enables you to access your device data, whenever and wherever you want. Visualise your glucose trends and device use with powerful reports that help you gain vital insights into your diabetes therapy.

  • Track your personal progress and trends
  • Prepare for and speed up you visits to hospital by uploading at home
  • Back up your Medtronic device settings
  • Share your data with your healthcare team without going to see them
  • Share your data with a Care Partner and allow them to receive alerts (with compatible devices)

Learning hub

Educational modules Learning hub

Providing interactive modules to empower you on your diabetes journey.

Go to the Learning Hub

Support and Online Resources

Support and Online Resources

Understanding how to use a new device ensures that you'll receive the best possible experience.

The human touch counts. That’s why we provide hands-on training from our Technical Consultants.

During these sessions you’ll receive advice and support to learn how to use your device for your life, and make a confident and comfortable start on your therapy journey.

Our highly trained Product Support Specialists are always available by phone to give you education and technical support.

Whatever the product question, you’ll receive the advice and help you need, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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End of warranty? Ensure your therapy is uninterrupted

Making the right decision.

At the end of your product’s warranty period, our Therapy Specialists will be in touch to review the next best steps for continuing your therapy care uninterrupted.

An active group of users that influence the products, services, and solutions that we provide today, and those of the future.

Our Patient Advisory Network works with us to influence the products, services, and solutions that we provide today, and those of the future. Members help to co-create the future of Medtronic diabetes therapy care and can influence the direction of our product development, answering the challenges people living with diabetes face. We are proud to work with you, for you.

Community expert

Community Experts

It’s a journey and we’re by your side.

Our blog gives you all kinds of support, information and tips about your device and living with diabetes.

Learn about other people's success stories and journeys and pick up hints along the way.

Stay up to date with the news and navigate through a range of topics, including:

  • Lifestyle (living with an insulin pump)
  • Device tips and tricks
  • Updates on Medtronic products and services
  • Information on food, drink and much more!


Frequently asked questions

To order a replacement sensor online, sign in to your WeCare account. You can also order via the Penny app available to download from the App Store or Google Play

To order a replacement belt clip online, sign in to your WeCare account. You can also order via the Penny app available to download from the App Store or Google Play

Please do not remove your sensor if the alert has been present for less than 3 hours.

Sensor Updating occurs when the sensor signals are outside of the expected range.

Please check that the sensor is still securely taped to the skin and not dislodged.

The alert may persist for up to 3 hours but often resolves itself within a shorter period and will either: display the SG value again, request a calibration or advise you to change your sensor. Continue sensing and monitor your pump because the system may recover.

In the event that the updating lasts for more than 3 hours, the recommendation is to replace the sensor to maximise the time in SmartGuard™ feature.

Order your replacement sensor here:

The SmartGuard™ feature calculates a bolus based on the current BG or SG reading and carbs, and may make an additional adjustment to the bolus.

The bolus amount is adjusted down if the SmartGuard™ feature predicts a risk of hypoglycaemia after the meal.

This feature is known as Safe Meal Bolus. Safe Meal Bolus considers many things in the bolus calculator before suggesting an insulin dose, these include:

  • Current blood glucose or sensor glucose.
  • Current glucose trend.
  • Insulin on board from recent meal insulin boluses.
  • Manual corrections or auto correction boluses.
  • Carbohydrates (carbs) entered into the Bolus feature.
  • Estimated carbs remaining from previous meals.

You can find the technical specifications and app compatibility details here:


Select “Forgot password?” from the CareLink™ Personal homepage link to reset your password

  • Enter your username, email address associated with your account and complete the ReCAPTCHA to submit a password reset request
  • After successfully submitting your request, an email will be sent to your email address with a link to reset your password­restore-password


We are very sorry to see you leave!

If you want to delete your account for the Medtronic WeCare app, please take the following steps:

  1. Open the app.
  2. On the homepage click on the Account icon or “Go to Your account”
  3. On Your Account page click on the button “Delete my account”.

If you are unable to log-in to the Medtronic WeCare App, please send an e-mail with the subject “Delete WeCare app account” to with the following information:

  1. First and last name.
  2. Date of Birth.
  3. Registration email.
  4. Country.

Thank you.

WeCare App Team