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Learning Hub

Learning HubProviding interactive modules to empower you on your diabetes journey.

At Medtronic Diabetes, we understand the importance of managing your blood glucose levels and your diabetes. Whether it is learning the basics of diabetes, counting carbohydrates, or learning how to effectively use your device, our interactive modules are designed to give you the support you need in the lead up to your hands-on training.

E-learning modules

Educational modules Getting started with your insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring

Medtronic e-learning modules for people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who are using an insulin pump to manage blood glucose levels either with or without continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).

Module 1: Type 1 Diabetes fundamentals

Module 2: Managing your blood glucose levels

Module 3: Insulin pump therapy with CGM

Module 4: Your insulin pump and CGM

Module 5: Starting your pump therapy

E-learning modules

Educational modules Carb counting

Counting carbohydrates can be tricky. With this module, you will learn the importance of carbs and how to count carbs as part of a healthy lifestyle. We explore the glycaemic index, carb containing foods and drinks and factors that can increase your blood glucose levels. Packed with check points, quizzes and jargon free content, this module will provide you with the confidence you need, so that you can eat a variety of foods that you like, whilst effectively managing your blood glucose levels.

Module: Carbohydrate counting - let’s count

A step-by-step guide

The Smart MDI system combines Guardian™ 4 system to track your glucose levels and InPen™ system to help you take the right dose at the right time.

This step – by – step guide and instructional videos are designed to help you to get the best out of your Smart MDI system.

Check that your phone is compatible

With the Medtronic Guardian™ and InPen apps, click here.

Ensure you have the following ready:

  • Guardian™ 4 transmitter and sensor (Your transmitter needs to be charged before starting the system)
  • Guardian™ 4 oval tape
  • InPen™ device
  • Compatible insulin 3ml Penfill for InPen™ device

Connect the Guardian™ 4 app with the InPen™ app

InPen™ system and Guardian™ 4 system are designed to work together. Connect the two apps together by following the final InPen™ app instructions.


Care Partners (Optional)

Guardian™ 4 System lets you connect with up to five care partners who can monitor your data via CareLink™ connect and receive alerts and notifications via SMS message