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CareLink™ Personal actionable insights For better diabetes management

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See the same reports as your diabetes healthcare team - and collaborate on your individual treatment plan

Whilst managing your diabetes you are often faced with a lot of information. Blood and sensor glucose values, insulin taken, carb counting, infusion set and reservoir changes - they can be a bit overwhelming.

CareLink™ Personal helps you visualise your diabetes information with charts, statistics and events that can help you identify and understand patterns and trends, giving you greater insight for better diabetes management.

Clinic visit

Get more out of your clinic visit

CareLink™ reports can highlight the most relevant insights from your Insulin Pump, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and Blood Glucose Meter (BG) and pull these together to help guide you in making informed and timely therapy decisions with your diabetes healthcare team who can assess and support you to refine your individual treatment plan.