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Alarms & Alerts

MiniMed™ 640G Insulin Pump (Alarms)


When an alarm occurs, something has been detected that is preventing insulin from being delivered. You are not getting insulin. It is important that you address an alarm right away. Examples of alarms are Insulin flow blocked and Replace battery now.


Notification Light

The red light on the pump will blink twice, followed by a pause, blink twice again followed by a pause. This sequence continues until the alert is cleared. The flashing pattern is shown below:




Depending on your Audio Option settings, the pump emits a repeated alert tone, a continuous three-pulse vibration, or both.


The pump will display a notification with a red icon and instructions on what to do.

To address and clear the alarm:

  1. Read the text on the screen to understand the alarm and the steps that should be taken.
  2. Press 640G.
  3. Press 640G.


If you do not respond to an alarm, the audio / vibration pattern repeats every minute for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the alarm begins to siren.


640G  It is important that you are able to address an Insulin flow blocked alarm.

This alarm means that insulin is not able to get through the tubing or cannula. If this alarm occurs, check to see if your infusion set has become dislodged or if your tubing is kinked.

  • If you don’t detect an issue and are unable to change your reservoir and infusion set right away, you might choose to select Resume Basal. If an Insulin flow blocked alarm occurs again, follow the steps on the screen. Select Rewind and change your reservoir and infusion set.
  • If you detect an issue or if your reservoir has run out of insulin, follow the steps on the screen. Select Rewind to change your reservoir and infusion set

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