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The MiniMedTM reservoirs have been designed with your safety in mind, in order to help make filling a convenient process.

Caption reservoir

MiniMed™ reservoir's unique features:

  • Fast, efficient reservoir filling and ease of handling - no assembly required, the reservoir is ready to use
  • Less risk of injury – unlike luer reservoirs, no extra needle to handle, it is incorporated into the TransferGuard
  • Secure, stable and easy reservoir filling - the TransferGuard fits neatly onto the insulin vial

The rounded shape is designed to eliminate air bubbles

Reservoir septum

Less leakage or spillage - once the TransferGuard is removed, a silicone membrane seals the reservoir

info-iconThe MiniMed™ reservoir is available in 1.8 ml and 3 ml sizes in order to meet your daily insulin needs.

* AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators) insulin pump therapy: Best practices in choosing and using infusion devices.