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Terms of use

Welcome to the diabetes website of Medtronic Trading Ltd. (hereinafter: the “Website”). This Website belongs to Medtronic. The information provided on this website is intended for your personal use but is not intended to serve as an alternative to consulting a doctor or another healthcare professional.

Visiting and using the Website are subject to the terms on this page (hereinafter: the “Terms of Use”), to the Privacy Policy of the Website (hereinafter: the “Privacy Policy”) and to all of the relevant legal provisions. In order to use the Website, you must be above the age of 18.

Please note that the Website, including the articles that appear on it, may potentially include information of a marketing nature.

Date of update: November 2017

Medtronic is the name that we use for all of our companies including Medtronic, Inc., a corporation that is based in the United States, and all of the companies that the above-mentioned corporation controls. When we use the words “we” or “ours,” we are referring to Medtronic.

Medtronic is entitled to determine the structure of the Website, its layout, its content and the services that it includes, and to change and/or to cancel them from time to time and without prior notice. Medtronic is entitled to block and/or restrict entry to and/or use of the Website and/or any of the services and/or content that it contains, and to restrict entry to and/or use of the above-mentioned services and/or content to subscribers and/or to make entry to and/or use of the Website contingent upon any other condition, as it will deem appropriate from time to time. Medtronic reserves the right to cease the operation of the Website at any time whatsoever, without prior warning and without any obligation.  

Medtronic takes reasonable measures to ensure that the information included on the Website is accurate and up to date. However, the information may potentially contain inaccuracies and/or errors, including typographical errors. Medtronic does not give any undertaking or make any representation with respect to the degree of accuracy of the information that is included on the Website.

The content is presented on the website “as is,” and is intended to provide general information on Medtronic and its products and may also potentially include general information on certain medical conditions, but does not constitute a substitute for proper medical consultation and treatment and/or for obtaining medical prescriptions from a doctor if necessary, nor does it constitute a recommendation to use or purchase a product or service.

The content of the Website merely constitutes a service to the public and Medtronic and/or anyone on its behalf is not liable for any information, consultation or advice that is received or published on the Website or that is the result of viewing or using the Website. Any decision that pertains to the state of a person’s health must be made by a qualified healthcare professional. Information that is published on the Website does not constitute a substitute for consulting professionals and obtaining the appropriate medical advice, medical prescriptions and proper professional treatment. You are responsible for any result or risk that arises from your use of this Website and your reliance on content, opinions and data that appear on it, and you are solely responsible for any use that you make of it.  

Medtronic will not bear any liability whatsoever for any damage whatsoever, including viruses that may potentially be caused to equipment, to information and/or to any other property as a result of your entry to the Website or your use of information that it contains. Medtronic and/or anyone on its behalf will not be liable for damage of any type whatsoever that arises from or that is related to the use of. or the inability to use, the Website, its content, the services provided on it and/or by means of it or the use of, or impossibility to use, websites that are connected to it.

If any third-party advertisements and/or offers appear on the Website, Medtronic is not liable for those advertisements and/or offers and the exclusive liability for those advertisements and/or offers is solely that of the advertisers and offerors. Medtronic will not bear any liability for the above-mentioned third party-advertisements and/or offers with respect to any advertisement that is misleading, inaccurate and/or harmful in any other way, directly or indirectly.

The copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the Website and/or the content that it contains and/or on the layout of the Website and any software, application, computer code, graphic file, text, the name of the Website, the domain of the Website, the trademarks and any other material that it contains belong solely to Medtronic, unless otherwise explicitly stated in the body of the Website. No part of the protected material is to be copied, distributed, presented in public, translated or provided to a third party without our explicit, prior written consent.  

The name Medtronic and its logo, the names of the products, the names of the services, the logo of the products or services and other symbols that we use in connection with the Website and/or our commercial activity, whether trademarks and/or registered designs, or trade names that are not registered (hereinafter: “Medtronic’s Trademarks), belong to Medtronic and are protected by the laws of the State of Israel. Using Medtronic’s trademarks or copyrights without obtaining the appropriate license from Medtronic, or in breach of the terms of such a license, constitutes a violation of the law, and Medtronic will be entitled to exercise its rights pursuant to law.

This Website may potentially contain links to websites that are managed by third parties, which are not controlled by Medtronic. We provide these links solely for the sake of convenience. We do not check the material that appears on these websites, we do not supervise them and we do not bear any liability for the integrity or accuracy of the information that appears on them. In addition, we are not responsible for the performance of these websites or for your transactions with them. The use of such websites is subject to their terms of use, including their privacy policies.

These websites may potentially contain information that pertains to uses of Medtronic products or treatments that have not been approved in Israel. We do not have any control over this type of information and we cannot confirm it.

Medtronic respects the privacy of the users of its Website. Medtronic’s Privacy Policy with respect to this Website appears under the link “Privacy Policy.” The use of information as defined in the Privacy Policy will be managed pursuant to the Privacy Policy, and by entering the Website and/or using it, you agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy.   

You hereby confirm and agree that the transfer of information by you to the Website (and notwithstanding the security precautions taken by Medtronic) does not constitute an undertaking on the part of Medtronic for the complete security of this information. Medtronic does not bear any liability for any interception or unauthorized access of any type whatsoever or for any damage (including loss of income), direct or indirect, that you may potentially incur.

We are also happy to receive feedback, remarks or ideas from the visitors to this Website. However, we do wish to clarify that any information that is sent to us through this Website (with the exception of information that is subject to the Privacy Policy) will be considered information that is not personal, not confidential and that does not constitute the intellectual property of anyone.  If you send ideas, information, concepts, professional or technical know-how or content through this Website, you automatically grant Medtronic an unlimited license of use that cannot be cancelled and without any remuneration, to replicate, present, make changes to, transfer and distribute these materials through any medium, and you agree that Medtronic will be free to use these materials for any purpose whatsoever.

The use of the Website is subject to the terms that are set forth below:

(a) You hereby undertake to use the Website, the information that appears on it, the content, products and services exclusively pursuant to the law and pursuant to the provisions of the Terms of Use.  

(b) The right to use the information, content, products and services that are located on the Website is for your personal and private use only. No commercial use is to be made of the above-mentioned content, products and services for profit.

(c) No use is to be made of any information, content, products or services that are published on the Website for the purpose of their display on the Internet and/or on any other service, without receiving the prior written consent of Medtronic and subject to the condition for consent as stated (if it is given).

(d) You hereby undertake not posts links to the Website and/or to use the Website and/or the information, content, products or services that it contains for the purpose of posting, downloading, distributing, publishing or broadcasting: (a) any other information or material in a way that violates any rights whatsoever, including intellectual property rights, privacy protection rights and/or any other intellectual property right (b) any other information or material whose publication or use is prohibited, due to it constituting a threat, harm, an insult, libel, defamation, racism or inappropriate content (c) any other information or material that contains a virus or any other software that may potentially damage the company’s computer systems and/or any third parties or in a way that may potentially restrict or prevent others from using the Website or (d) any other information or material that contains any type of advertisements whatsoever without the prior written authorization of Medtronic.

(e) You hereby undertake not to make changes and/or to interfere in any manner whatsoever with the source code of the Website and/or the information and/or the content and/or the services and/or the products that it contains and not to post any content and/or applications whatsoever that may potentially harm or cause damage to Medtronic and/or to any third parties.

Without prejudice to your rights pursuant to existing law, and without giving prior notice to that effect, Medtronic is entitled to change, from time to time, the terms that are set forth above and any such change will be added and will apply to the users of and/or visitors to the Website, starting from the time of its publication. You are subject to any such change and undertake to visit this page from time to time and to review its updated terms. If these Terms of Use change, Medtronic will inform you of this by changing the date of the update that appears at the bottom of these terms.   

If any of the above terms are breached, Medtronic may, and is entitled to, take immediate measures, including preventing you from making any use of the Website, at any time and without prior notice.

The law that applies to these Terms of Use and to the use of the Website is Israeli law only, regardless of whether the use of the Website was made in Israel or outside of Israel. The exclusive jurisdiction with respect to these Terms of Use, including in connection with the Privacy Policy of the Website, is granted to the competent court in Tel Aviv-Jaffa only.

Medtronic may send you emails, publish general notices on this Website, or send letters to your address appearing in its records. You can send messages to Medtronic by contacting the Website, or at our address:

Medtronic Trading Ltd.
10 Hamada Street
P.O. Box 12016, Herzliya Pituach, 46733