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Supporting you with personal programs and dedicated specialists, as well as 24/7 online resources.

Providing easily accessible services and solutions for guidance and information to further empower you in your diabetes journey.

Whatever you’re facing, we’re always by your side. But that’s not just through creating innovative products. It is also by helping you on your journey through diabetes therapy and beyond. With 24/7 online resources, and an easily accessible team of specialists, we want to empower you with more confidence and comfort in the management of your diabetes. By registering with us, you’re able to access even more exclusive and personalized services like StartRight℠, an onboarding program offering tailored support, and a wider range of both online and offline support services. Know that you’re not alone. Know WeCare.


Onboarding program StartRight℠

An onboarding program for those starting a new Medtronic device.

The first step on a new journey can be intimidating; we will accompany you on your first steps and get you on the right path. And we’ll be there for every ‘first’ thereafter.

Exclusive to Medtronic device users and their carers, StartRight℠ is an onboarding programme designed to help you as begin your journey with your new Medtronic device. Our StartRight℠ specialists are here to make sure your therapy transition is smooth and help you feel prepared to live your life how you want.


Management Software CareLink™

CareLink enables you to access your data, whenever you want.

At a glance you can tell your time in range to allow you and your diabetes team to interpret how your management is going and make the right changes for you.

Your health care professional is also connected to it so they can monitor and make changes when necessary.

Support and Online Resources

Support and Online Resources

Understanding how to use a new device ensures that you'll receive the best possible experience.

The human touch counts. That’s why we provide hands-on training from our Technical Consultants.

During these sessions you’ll receive advice and support to learn how to use your device for your life, and make a confident and comfortable start on your therapy journey.

Making the right decision.

At the end of your product’s life cycle, our Therapy Specialists will be in touch to review the next best steps for continuing your therapy care uninterrupted.

Call Now

Our highly trained Product Support Specialists are always available by phone to give you education and technical support.

Whatever the product question, you’ll receive the advice and help you need, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call Now

Find the answers you are looking for in our frequently asked questions section.

Our website offers a wealth of information and support for you to access when you have questions about your device. From FAQs on how to use your device to how to videos, you can find the answer online.

Everything you need to know about Medtronic products, and our services in a few clicks.

You have at your disposal all the information you need organized by topic, and if you do not find what you are looking for, you can always contact our support team.

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