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SmartGuard™ Feature

My bolus amount seems lower than I was expecting when using the SmartGuard™ feature

The SmartGuard™ feature calculates a bolus based on the current BG or SG reading and carbs, and may make an additional adjustment to the bolus.

The bolus amount is adjusted down if the SmartGuard™ feature predicts a risk of hypoglycaemia after the meal.

This feature is known as Safe Meal Bolus. Safe Meal Bolus considers many things in the bolus calculator before suggesting an insulin dose, these include:

  • Current blood glucose or sensor glucose.
  • Current glucose trend.
  • Insulin on board from recent meal insulin boluses.
  • Manual corrections or auto correction boluses.
  • Carbohydrates (carbs) entered into the Bolus feature.
  • Estimated carbs remaining from previous meals.


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