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Together as one

« WeCare Blog | July 14, 2020 |
Together as one

At Medtronic, we believe no step is small, whether you are staying at home to protect your own health and the health of your family, or if you are on the frontline, serving society’s most vulnerable. We thank you for taking that step. 

In todays edition, we would like to show our appreciation to you, for all that you have done and are doing. 

We have faced some of the hardest of storms in the toughest of times and we did so together. Staying apart has been hard, feeling isolated and wondering about what lies ahead can be daunting. In these times of uncertainty, please remember you are not alone. Medtronic has and will always be by your side. You are part  of our family, the Medtronic family. For the steps you have had to take, for the tough decisions you have had to make, we thank you. 

We hope our short messege, helps portay how much we appreciate everything you are doing.



Please take care and stay safe

Thank You! 

Your Medtronic Diabetes Team