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Storytime: Three Things Cameron Learnt Using CGM

« WeCare Blog | May 30, 2023 |
Storytime: Three Things Cameron Learnt Using CGM

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) has been a life-changer for many people living with type 1 diabetes. Studies have shown that CGM is associated with lower HbA1c readings, and less time spent in hypoglycaemia.1 CGM also brings advantages to the day-to-day self-management of diabetes, as found by Cameron, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes later in life. Here he shares the 3 features of his CGM device that have been key to managing his diabetes.

Then Came CGM – A Life Changer!

Before CGM, having to anticipate blood glucose (BG) levels was an hourly occurrence. I had to judge whether I was going high or low simply by the way I felt. Then came having to manage my nutrition, all for the main goal of stabilising my levels, and not to mention all the considerations with physical exercise! Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes late in life, the ritual of finger pricking multiple times a day quickly became a tedious chore which I soon tried to reject.

Then came CGM. A life changer! I’m a stereotypical guy and this means I would easily forget to check my BG levels, or otherwise be too tired or too busy. I needed a better way to manage my diabetes. This is when I was introduced to CGM, which now has me covered in more ways than one.

1. Levels at a glance
Using a CGM device allows me to check my levels at any time I choose. I can correct my insulin delivery at my own convenience without having to finger prick. I can track my daily trends which mean I can see if my levels are heading up or heading down. I could never do that before.

2. Alerts before lows
The biggest win is when I’m exercising. I used to suffer from hypoglycaemic episodes (hypos) in the gym. Now I can easily see my levels before and during a workout and I can catch a hypo before it happens, especially after a workout when my levels can drop quickly. This allows me to have a 24/7 transparent view of what’s going on. Now I have regular stable BG levels which are great for my health.

3. Less stress
These days, I don’t stress about managing my glucose levels. In fact, I’m so much better off because having to finger prick all the time doesn’t rule my day. A quick glance at my smart phone or notifications on my smart watch and I have all the information I need.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think I could ever manage my type 1 diabetes this well without the help of CGM. If you live with type 1 diabetes and struggle with daily fluctuating levels, then it may be worth talking to your diabetes healthcare team about whether CGM is a good fit for you. It can change the way you manage everything. I don’t want diabetes to rule my life and I think I may have found the solution!


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