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Tips & tricks pump for Pump Users

« WeCare Blog | October 14, 2020 |
Tips & Tricks
Tips & tricks pump for Pump Users

Here we share with you tips, tricks and quotes on pump therapy

"What was that alarm I got half an hour ago? Check it from history => alarm history -menu!"

"I secure the infusion site for my daughter with Tegaderm film before having shower or swimming in the pool."

"I prefer pump case with clear window for kids, for easier follow up."

"I use the temp basal and the bolus wizard to help me manage my insulin needs."

"Always keep extra batteries nearby."

"Always insert infusion set while standing to keep the skin stretched."

"Remove body hair for the infusion set location and sensor location."

"Always use a waterproof coating for the sensor and transmitter (try to use a big size to cover at least 2cm from each side)."

"No need to worry where my sugar levels are, as it reminds me of every time it goes high or low. It suspends the insulin before your sugar levels go too low resulting in that I only get about 3 hypo's during the night in a year, where I used to get about three per week!!!"

"Rotate your sites for your infusion sets."

"Trust your MiniMed 670G insulin pump. It's an incredible tool that does all the work for you."

"Your pump is a tool which lets YOU manage your diabetes. Use it to help you achieve your goals and ambitions, there is no need to think of yourself as a person living with Diabetes with limitations that others don't have :)"

"It is the second-best thing you can get. The best thing is to be free from diabetes...and that is not possible (= "

"Less stress with your diabetes. The Guardian Sensor 3 is very good."

"If you are an active person (sports) you might want to try Silhoutte Infusion set."

"I’ve learned to change my infusion set before a meal (when I would normally give the bolus) because then I can use the bolus, since it is large enough, to see if the infusion set is working and if insulin flow is blocked."

"When you have the perfect basal rates the "suspend before low" works wonderfully! Basal rates need to be tested and adjusted for the pump be able to work well."