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Reservoir best practice and top tips

« WeCare Blog | February 7, 2016 |
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Reservoir best practice and top tips

70%of Medtronic insulin pump users of varying ages need less than 48 units of insulin per day, meaning that they could safely user the 1.8ml reservoir (MMT-326A) which holds a total of 180 units 1.

Top tip:  Even if you are using a 3ml pump you can use either the 1.8ml or the 3ml reservoir even with the new MiniMed™ 640G insulin pump.

If your Total Daily Dose of Insulin (Basal insulin plus typical meal time Bolus insulin) is less than 48 units we advise using the 1.8ml MiniMed Reservoir (MMT-326A) instead of 3ml MiniMed Reservoir (MMT-332A).

Consult your healthcare professional to determine the best pump and reservoir size for you.


How to Switch Reservoirs If Your Total Daily Dose Is Below 48 Units

Next time you place an order simply select the 1.8ml MiniMed™ Reservoirs MMT-326A rather than the 3ml MiniMed™ Reservoirs MMT-332A.


Reservoir top tips:

1) Remember that you can fill the reservoir with the amount you need for the 2 to 3 days use without necessarily having to fill it all up to the 300 and 180 units total capacity. While doing this calculation, always consider also the amount of insulin needed for the tubing and cannula priming.

Here are some indications for you to consider:

Soft Cannula fill amount
6mm = 0.3 units
9mm = 0.5 units
13 and 17 mm = 0.7 units

Tubing filling amount
45 cm 9 units
60 cm 12 units
80 cm 16 units
110 cm 22 units


2) Making sure your insulin is at room temperature before filling your reservoir.

Wherever you wear your insulin pump place the insulin vial in this location for 20 minutes before filling your reservoir. For example I put the insulin vial in my left trouser pocket as this is where I wear my insulin pump.


3) Set your low reservoir alert to just 1 days’ worth of insulin to prevent you from running out.

For example I set my low reservoir alert as 30 units as I use roughly 30 units of insulin a day. This prevents me from running out and reminds me that I am due a set change within 24 hours.

The default setting on the pump is 20 units therefore it is important that you change this is required.


MiniMed™ ordering options:

To order your 1.8ml reservoir (MMT-326A) then please visit the MiniMed™ eShop clicking here or contact Medtronic Customer Services 8.30am- 5.30pm Monday to Friday.