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Preparing to take your pump on holiday: Handy checklist

« WeCare Blog | February 7, 2016 |
Preparation list pump


      Before setting off on your holiday consider the following checklist and make sure you have visited the MiniMed® eShop to order enough supplies:

      • Extra pump batteries
      • Insulin (and appropriate storage container)
      • Pump supplies (reservoirs and sets)
      • Insulin pen or syringes
      • Ketone testing kit and strips
      • Glucagon emergency kit (If you are already prescribed this by your GP)
      • Ascensia Diabetes Care Contour Next Link glucose meter
      • Fast Acting Carbohydrate for treating hypos and extra food such as nutrition bars which are easy to carry
      • Sharps disposal- BD safeclip from your GP on prescription


      and do not forget...

      • Key contact details of your doctor and diabetes healthcare team
      • Wear or carry medical ID indicating that you have diabetes and that you are on an insulin pump
      • Take your MiniMed pump getting started guide and a list of all your pump settings
      • The MiniMed 24hr helpline number which can be used anywhere in the world +44 (0)1923 205167


      Always carry medications, snacks, pump supplies and the letter from your doctor in your carry-on luggage when you fly. This is especially important because your luggage may be lost, or you may have unplanned delays for extended periods of time.


      Print the pre-travel check list minimedcare_travel_checklist.pdf


      We offer arrange of travel accessories on the MiniMed eShop - Click here to view


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