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Our Community

« WeCare Blog | November 28, 2019 |
Our Community

Emily (8 years old) has kindly shared a lovely drawing of her father - Stephen’s Medtronic 670G Pump.    The Medtronic team would love to receive pictures and photos from you, living your life with SmartGuard™ in action.

We invite you to spread the word on social media using #ShareTheShield. We are deeply proud of the impact that our innovative SmartGuard™ technology has on people around the world. 

Whether you’re using a MiniMed™ 640G with SmartGuard™ Suspend Before Low or a MiniMed™ 670G with SmartGuard™ Auto Mode, we want to hear how SmartGuard™ has helped you focus on your life and not on your levels. #ShareTheShield We hope that by sharing your experiences on these platforms it will enable our community to continue to grow and learn so that we can create further life changing technologies for you.