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Meet the Team – Liza Hartley

« WeCare Blog | November 29, 2019 |
Meet the Team – Liza Hartley

What is your role and how long have you been in Medtronic for? 

“I’ve been with Medtronic for 11 years, as the Diabetes Team Leader for Customer Care. As a people leader, my day-to-day role involves managing a team of 17 people which mainly consists of different project work.”

How would you best describe your role?

“We are constantly looking to streamline our end to end processes for our patients and our customers, so that they have a better interaction with Medtronic. We deal with escalated complaints sometimes which we must follow through. However, this presents an opportunity for our team to learn and improve our communication between the Customer Care Team and our patients.”  

What motivates you to get out of bed?

“No matter what you do at Medtronic, when you engage with the customers it’s an eye opener that there really is a person behind everything we do. Just the fact of knowing that when you go home you have made someone's life that bit easier. I also very much enjoy my job and what I do, as well as there being so many opportunities throughout the company where I feel that I can still grow. So, to answer your question: my team, colleagues and our customers.”

What has been your most amazing and inspiring story?

“There’s so many! Each year we invite patients to meet with Medtronic and share their experiences of how our technology has helped them. Some of the most inspiring patient stories can be outside of diabetes and make you realise all the life changing treatment Medtronic offers. When you hear stories about parents not having to check on their child at night to see if they are ok it makes you realise that we do really changes lives.”

Give us one random fact about yourself

“I haven’t got many! My full name is Liza Jane Marie Hartley. My mum was a huge Elvis Presley fan and his daughter was born a couple weeks after me. When Lisa Marie was born my mum had to add Marie to my name.”

We want to hear from you

We’re always looking for ways we can improve our customer and patient experience. One way we can do this is by getting direct feedback from you. We encourage you to share your thoughts with us, so that we can have a greater understanding of our Medtronic community!

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