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Medtronic Diabetes UK additional services offered

« WeCare Blog | March 27, 2019 |
Medtronic Diabetes UK additional services offered

Replacement Insulin Pumps

Did you know that your insulin pump has a 4 year warranty? If your pump breaks or is damaged, contact our Product support team on +44 (0)1923 205 167 (UK) or 015111499 (Ireland). If we need to replace a pump, we’ll get one out to you usually within 24 hours.

Need a replacement pump whilst you’re abroad?

If you experience any issues with your pump whilst travelling within mainland Europe and need a replacement pump, our team can usually provide a replacement pump within 24 hours. If you are travelling outside Europe or further afield, Holiday Loan pumps can be requested up to 4 weeks before your departure date by logging into your WeCare account and completing the online request form.

Returning Damaged / Broken Pumps

Returning pumps to Medtronic couldn't be easier; patients can now hand over pumps to the courier when a replacement pump arrives via the delivering courier. Our Product Support team will confirm the hand over details with you when arranging the delivery of your replacement pump and, so there is no need to wait in all day for a collection or head to the post office to mail back your return pump - saving you both time and effort!

Prior to the courier arriving to deliver your replacement and collect your old pump, you will need to upload your settings to CareLink™ or make a note of your settings so that you can programme the new pump when it arrives. You may want to speak with your HCP prior to the replacement pump arriving.

If you need guidance on your pump settings or assistance after your replacement pump arrives you can contact the Medtronic Product Support team (24 hours a day) on 01923 205 167.

If you experience any issues with returning your pump to Medtronic, please email our returns department who will be able to assist you: