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Getting the best out of your MiniMed™ pump - tips & tricks

« WeCare Blog | February 17, 2016 |
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Getting the best out of your MiniMed™ pump - tips & tricks

Here are a few practical tips which John has picked up from this own experience:


1. Change your infusion set every 2-3 days

To prevent you from forgetting to change your infusion set try this handy tip that works for me. I use the MiniMed™ Mio™ infusion set and I fill my reservoir up with enough insulin to last  just over 3 days. I am on 30 units of insulin per day so I fill my reservoir up with 100 units of insulin (If using MiniMed™ Sure-T™ you would fill up for just over 2 days’ of insulin) You can programme the pump to sound a 'Low reservoir' alert before your reservoir is empty. You can select one of these warning types:

  • A specified number of units that remain in the reservoi
  • A specified maximum amount of time that remains


This alert will show in the status screen.

In addition, you can view the last time you changed the reservoir in the status screen (Press the escape button from the home screen)


2. Make sure your insulin is at room temperature before filling your reservoir

Where ever you wear your insulin pump, place the insulin vial in this location for 20 minutes before filling your reservoir. For example I put the insulin vial in my left trouser pocket as this is where I wear my insulin pump.


3. Check that your maximum bolus is set at an appropriate level

This should be set just above your biggest dose that you have ever had to give in one go. For example for me I set mine at 15 units as the biggest dose of bolus insulin I have ever given myself in one go is 12 units.

To access this on your MiniMed Veo insulin pump go to the main menu and then to the bolus menu, followed by bolus setup and then select max bolus.


4. Set your low reservoir alert to just 1 days’ worth of insulin to prevent you from running out

For example I set my low reservoir alert as 30 units as I use roughly 30 units of insulin a day. This prevents me from running out and reminds me that I am due a set change within 24 hours. 

The default setting on the pump is 20 units therefore it is important that you change this as required.

*Note: Maximum setting is 50 units


John Pemberton

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