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« WeCare Blog | July 30, 2018 |
Marco Moolman

It is always good to talk to Marco Moolman! We published a blog about his life with type 1 diabetes a year ago and after following his cycling success in Belgium and seeing his interview on television, we thought it good to touch base with him again.

Marco was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 22 months old. He cannot recall a life before his diagnosis, but he does recall his parent’s constant motivation and support.  Empowering him mentally and emotionally were his parents main goal and it paid off!

Marco and his dad always enjoyed cycling.  His father, Gerhard heard about Doctor Jacques van Staden’s non-profit organisation – Cycle for Diabetes.  Cycle for Diabetes uses their passion for cycling to raise money for long acting analogue insulin, for underprivileged type 1 children. Marco shared their passion for raising awareness and decided to join the team.  

Last year, Marco received an invitation to the talent identification camp of Team Novo Nordisk, in Georgia, USA.  His whole family were delighted and extremely proud of him! Marco did extremely well and was selected for the Junior team.  Being the only team member from Africa!  Marco was invited to represent Africa in the “Type 1 Team, Junior foundation team,” earlier this year.  They competed in 8 races, against some of the best junior teams in Europe.  

But cycling with type 1 diabetes come with its challenges.  One of his biggest challenges has always been distinguishing between a low blood glucose and being tired.  Switching over to the MiniMed 640G Insulin Pump was an absolute game changer for him.  The predictive alerts and SmartGuard® technology helped him to be more pro-active and to take ownership of his diabetes management. 

His advice to young people with type 1 diabetes: “Do not use type 1 as an excuse not to chase your dreams.  It might take more discipline and hard work, but with perseverance, you can do it!”


Posted by: Ronel Hentschel