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CareLink™ Personal Introducing the new CareLink™ Uploader Personal for Java free uploads

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CareLink™ Personal

We've listened to feedback from our CareLink™ Personal users and are pleased to announce an exciting new development that enables simplified uploading of your Medtronic supported device (e.g. Insulin Pump) to CareLink™ Personal.

The new CareLink™ Uploader is a small piece of software which will enable you to upload data from your Medtronic supported device directly to CareLink™ Personal without the need for Java. In order to use the new uploader, complete a one-time installation for each computer you wish to use. Once installed, return to the CareLink™ Personal Homepage ready to upload your Pump or Meter.

Use the step-by-step guide to get started with a one-time download of the uploader per computer where you wish to upload your device and begin uploading your device to CareLink™ Personal: Uploader Installation & How To Upload Guides. You can also visit our You Tube channel.

For further help or assistance, please contact our WeCare Product Support team.

Java applets are third-party software that work inside web browsers (other third-party software). There are frequent updates between Java and browsers. Some browsers no longer support Java applets. To improve the customer experience a new uploading method was developed. There is still the option to upload using Java method if desired.