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Body and soul - breaking barriers with guardian connect

« WeCare Blog | June 10, 2019 |
Body and soul - breaking barriers with guardian connect

That’s me! I did not see diabetes in my future, so it was a huge task to accept that I would have multiple daily injections for the rest of my life.

But it was the continual high and low glucose levels that drove me mad. I’m not kidding, I literally went crazy having to guess where my glucose levels were going to be. After six months from diagnosis I just gave up. I had diabetes burnout and stopped treating my diabetes and my mental and physical health deteriorated fast and before I knew it was back and forth to my endocrinologist trying to somehow motivate me to get on-board with a healthy treatment plan again.

To be honest the timing could not have been better with the launch of Guardian™ Connect. I went from being depressed and exhausted all the time and not having any care for anything to starting using Guardian™ Connect. Within a week I was already feeling like I could live a normal life. You see, it’s not the five insulin needles a day that’s the problem. It was the not knowing where my glucose levels were going to be that was so draining. Guardian™Connect’s graph and predicted trending really helps me because I’m in the gym every day. I was having hypos and it was ruining my exercise plan.

Now I can see trends and can proactively correct them quickly and easily before a high or a low, whilst in the gym. I can honestly say that diabetes does not rule my life now. I do everything I want, like before diabetes. I just carry my insulin pen with me and Guardian™ Connect keeps me continuously informed of my levels. I live my life like I don’t have diabetes, I don’t have to carry a bag of diabetes paraphernalia around.

I feel free and happy and I can tell you I can’t live without Guardian™ Connect. It’s given my life back. I’m not a victim anymore.  Since Guardian™ Connect, I’ve started my own company and I’ve never been fitter – it’s changed.