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Four Tips For Infusion Set And Sensor Site Rotations

« WeCare Blog | October 22, 2019 |
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Four Tips

Written by “MiniMed™Care” based on feedback from people with diabetes using MiniMed™ pump therapy

Site Location

The stomach is a very common place to wear an infusion set and one of the favoured areas that many people use. A suggestion is to dedicate stomach to sensors only. For my infusion sites, I rotate between my thighs, arms, and back/hip. Saving my stomach for my sensor allows ample time sites to heal and skin to remain healthy during the seven-day sensor wear. Before inserting a sensor or infusion set, think about all the locations you could insert them, depending on the answer to these four questions:

  1. Where did you last insert?
  2. What types of activities are you planning on for the next 3-7 days?
  3. What kinds of clothes will you be wearing for those activities?
  4. Are any of the following true for the selected spot: a skin fold, scar tissue or overused site, too close to the belt line?

Pump Placement

To avoid pump and sensor losing connectivity, clip your pump on the same side of your body as your sensor, not the infusion set. You might need to think about longer tubing lengths depending on where your infusion set is worn.


Inserting the sensor vertically with the transmitter above the sensor can improve performance. By changing the insertion orientation, the sensor is at a different angle, using a slightly different area of the skin. You can do this with your infusion sets, too. Do you prefer tubing pointing up, down, or sideways? By finding the right way to insert, depending on body locations, it can make the insertion more comfortable while allowing for more site options.


Keep track of your insertion sites and come up with a method or tool that can help remind you. Some people keep a log of where they put their infusion set and sensors – find a way that works for you.

For infusion set site rotation, we recommend the “clock” or “M/W Rotation” methods on your abdomen.

Sometimes it just takes a little thought and trying different things to find exactly what works best for you.

Four tips

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