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Boost Your Wellbeing: 8 Ways To Reduce Diabetes Stress

« WeCare Blog | March 9, 2021 |
8 Ways To Reduce Diabetes Stress

We all feel overwhelmed from time to time. Whether it is a major life-changing event or a string of minor setbacks, they all have an impact on our health. That is why we have put together 8 ideas that may help you manage stress. 

Tip 1 Recognise Your Stress Triggers

Spend time to reflect and identify what things are making you feel stress. Is it one big thing or a string of smaller things? Write them down and find out ways to tackle these
stresses. Can you do them on your own or would you need help from someone else?

Tip 2 Practice Positive Thinking

Facing life with optimism helps you to stay relaxed. Make a note of all the things that are going well for you so you can focus on the positives. Celebrate all your past accomplishments and success. Create a gratitude journal and write about the things you are thankful for – big or small. 

Tip 3 Stay Active

Find a physical activity you enjoy that will help to lower your stress and blood sugar level. Whether it is a group sport (football, hockey) or a solo venture (running, brisk walking). Just remember to keep it simple, keep it regular and stay active.

Tip 4 Relax Your Mind

To keep your mind free from stress, try some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, or tai chi.

Tip 5 Have Some 'Me' Time

Set aside time for hobbies you enjoy such as painting, reading a book, listening to music or watching your favourite movie. If you don’t have a particular hobby, now is the time to find one. Try a range of activities and see which one you like best. This will help to distract your mind from everyday stresses.

Tip 6 Let’s Talk

Family and friends can be our biggest assets when it comes to providing support. They may not be experts in diabetes but sharing your thoughts will make them aware of your needs. Whether it’s helping you with specific tasks or just listening, they are always ready to help. It all starts with a good conversation. After all, they already love you and want the best for you!

Tip 7 Monitor

Regularly check your sensor or pump readings, especially when you are feeling stressed. Understanding how stress affects your blood sugar levels can better prepare you for future episodes.

Tip 8 Seek Help From A Professional

Stress is a complex emotion that can affect us on a physical and emotional level. If you still feel overwhelmed, speak to your diabetes healthcare team for support. Your diabetes healthcare team may be able to refer you to some courses or services available.  

While we cannot control every element of stress that enters our life, we do have control on how we choose to respond to it. Self-reflection, a positive mindset and determination are essential ingredients for stress management. When it comes to dealing with stress everyone is different. Find out what works for you. Savour and enjoy every moment as it arrives. 


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