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Diabetes Fashion Roundup: Where To Wear An Insulin Pump

« WeCare Blog | October 15, 2019 |
Tips & Tricks
Diabetes Fashion Roundup

Written by “MiniMed™ Care” based on feedback from people with diabetes using MiniMed™ pump therapy

Prepping for a Formal event with an Insulin Pump

Hopefully there will be times when you need to dress up for a formal event or wedding. We share some of the ideas to try, depending on the outfit you’re wearing.

When you have diabetes and an insulin pump, it takes just a little extra planning. Think through your options beforehand, you can have a blast as you dance the night away!

Here are some of the tips people using MiniMed Pumps shared with us.

Some ladies like to wear a strapless bra to wear underneath a strapless dress and put their pump on the side of the dress where their arm covers it. This can work perfectly because it is comfortable and doesn’t get in the way of dancing.

Wearing your pump clipped to a bra is a preferred place for many people but this doesn’t work with all clothing items but, luckily, there are several alternatives. Try a thigh pouch that wraps around your leg and has an attached pocket to put your pump in. Another way around the challenge is wearing a pair of tight shorts, like spandex or cycle shorts, and placing the pump in between the waistband and your skin.

When it comes to long dresses, the tricky thing can be when comes the time to eat. Wearing a short dress, you can just slip your pump out of your bra and down the bottom of the dress, however, with a long dress that is neither practical nor accessible. There are ways around this little complication, though. For example, take advantage of the group bathroom trips, girls are often willing to head to the Ladies' at any opportunity, you can use that chance to do a BG check and to bolus for your meal. Lots of people just feel comfortable to pull out their pump at the table and bolus there – and why shouldn’t they!

Finding an outfit for a formal event is exciting and aggravating but finding a place for your pump doesn’t have to be. Be creative and try different placements to find what is best for you. There is no right answer!

People tell us that diabetes can dominate life patterns. What you eat, when you eat, and how you look at your health. Diabetes should not stop you from doing the things you love. There are a few obstacles and thought processes that you must go through that your friends don’t, but don’t let

Summer Diabetes Management Routines: Fashion Edition

Summertime brings warmer weather, which means a lighter wardrobe of skirts, shorts and swimwear. We share a few tips about where people wear their pump during the summer.

Sundresses and Skirts

Try a garter or leg strap with sundresses or skirts, or bike shorts or Spanx also do the trick. They are sturdy enough to hold the pump with the clip.

Bikinis and Swimsuits

Try a V-neck swimsuit or bikini which gives you somewhere to clip your pump. Bikinis allow you to clip your pump to your hip and V-Neck one-pieces allow you to clip your pump in the front. Some people opt for Tankinis and clip their pump to their bikini‑style shorts. This can also allow for discreet disconnection/reconnection for when you are ready to be in the water.

12 Ways to Sleep with an Insulin Pump

While not necessarily “fashion,” many people wonder where to wear the pump while sleeping.We have 12 tips shared with the MiniMed™ Care team, about what they do with the pump.

1. The PJ Clip

Try clipping your pump to your pyjama waistband. Thicker bands can be really helpful, so the clip doesn’t make holes through the material over time.

2. The Undies

Just clip your pump onto your undergarment and tuck the tubing inside the undergarment. The pump is safe and secure and out of the way.

3. The Body Pillow

Some people sleep with a body pillow by their side and put the pump under the pillow. When they switch sides in the middle of the night, they move the pillow with the pump while sleeping.

4. The ‘Blanky’ Buddy

Make a pouch out of the same material as your child’s favorite blanket!

5. The Classic Pocket-T

Wear a T-Shirt with a breast pocket to put your pump in – turning the T-Shirt inside out is a top tip.

6. The Bra Clip

Ladies – if you are happy to wear a bra to sleep, this can be a good place to clip your pump day and night.

7. The Skilled Sewer

Sew a pocket into your favorite nightwear.

8. The Workout Shorts

Many people wear workout shorts with a key pocket. Often this is the perfect size to fit your pump. In the winter, workout leggings with a key pocket are a little warmer.

9. The Back Sleeper

If you have to, or prefer to, sleep on your back and put your insulin pump on the side of your pyjama pants or underwear.

10. The V-Neck Nighty

Some people go for nightgowns with buttons down or V-neck collars, you can clip your pump to the front of the nightgown. If you use the pump clip instead of the holster, it weighs less. It’s also close enough to hear any alarms or adjust a temporary basal rate, if needed, in the middle of the night.

11. Accessory Options

Medtronic also provides some clever accessories to wear your pump comfortably; refer to our accessory catalogue online.

12. The Cuddly Animal

Some of our creative sewing customers have shared that they have made a little pouch shaped like an animal so that their child has a little night buddy to “guard” their insulin pump while they sleep.

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